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With its 5000 kilometres of rivers, of which 3500 are "Category A", the Ardèche has a wide variety of fishing opportunities to suit all anglers’ tastes.

The "Fédération de Pêche" commits itself to preserving and managing the natural fishing resources on a day-to-day basis, making use of their knowledge of the fish populations and the scientific findings learnt from past experience.

Thanks to the diversity of its rivers, streams, mountain torrents and the (usually) calm waters of the Rhone, the Ardèche offers the angler a wide variety of waters for their sporting pleasure.

The Fédération do their utmost to offer the angler an unforgettable stay in our Region. There are stretches of "No Kill " river, sections where all kinds of fish may be caught, and supervision of all waters by qualified water bailiffs  (ONCFS, ONEMA, private and state employed water guards).

There is also recommended accommodation. 

You can efficiently plan your fishing season thanks to modern on-line tools such as maps of stretches of water and lists of suitable accommodation, which can be found on the Internet.  The latest news from the county Fédération can be accessed through Facebook.

With its fantastic variety of scenery and landscapes, its many stretches of water for fishing, and an abundance of species of fish to be caught, the Ardèche awaits you.

Anglers should be aware of the richness of our waters but also their fragility, and should respect the law and conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

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